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What is dieting?

Jun 23, 2022

You need to know this if you're convinced you don't diet... ⁠

...yet you're still having binge episodes, eating past fullness and feeling out of control around certain foods (hello bag of chips.)⁠

Diet culture is sneaky!⁠

Diet mentality is rampant even if you aren't actively engaged in dieting behaviors (there's a difference.)⁠

Perhaps you don't diet, you just "focus on eating healthy".⁠
Maybe you don't relate to dieting, but it's a "lifestyle" for you.⁠
You'd never dream of doing a diet! You just eat "whole, unprocessed foods."⁠

Here's the thing:⁠

If you are changing your eating or exercise with the intent to make your body smaller OR maintain a shrunken body, that is dieting.⁠

If it's a "detox" that tells you what to eat, it's a diet.⁠
If it's a "cleanse" that only allows certain foods to help you lose weight, it's a diet.⁠
If it's a program that promises weight loss with no dieting (but "treats in moderation"), that's a diet.⁠

It can be really hard to see dieting mentality and behavior just remember it's all about shrinking your body by controlling or modifying your eating and/or movement.⁠

What's the worst diet you ever tried?⁠

Mine was a 1200 calorie meal delivery service that left me STARVING.⁠