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The one thing causing your out-of-control eating episodes

Jul 25, 2022

It's so feel out of control around food so you restrict the foods you binge on...

I thought I was a sugar addict, so I didn't buy or keep any foods with any added sugar in my house.

I kept my cupboards stocked with sugar-free syrup, stevia drops, sugar-free protein bars.

But then I'd find myself at a Dairy Queen late at night, ravenously eating a Heath bar Blizzard.

Or at a friends house devouring chocolate peanut butter cups.

Or spooning cookie dough uncontrollably into my mouth.

What gives? Am I a sugar addict? Or am I deprived?

One thing I learned during my intuitive eating healing journey was that I was actually not a sugar addict (I didn't lie, cheat or steal to get a sugar fix and THAT is the definition of an addict.)

When I gave myself full permission to finally eat foods with sugar, I did eat more than I considered "normal" at first, but then slowly, over time, I craved and ate sugar less but when I did want it, I thoroughly enjoyed what I ate (hello chocolate ice cream with mini M 'n Ms on top!) & felt fully in control.

I ate a portion that was both satisfying to my tastebuds and appetite & felt good in my body.

I didn't have to measure or weigh the food. I could sense in my body what would feel good and how much I needed.

This is called "interoceptive awareness" and it is an essential skill you develop through intuitive eating.

Now I never feel out of control around sugar...I buy desserts items & often forget they are in my cupboard or freezer.

I have unfinished chocolate in my pantry that's been sitting there for over a month.

There's loads of frozen cookie dough balls in my boyfriend's freezer that I made him that I could care less about.

Now I eat sugar when I want it, I throughly enjoy it and then move on and mostly forget about it until my next dessert moment.