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Signs Dieting is Hurting You

Jun 22, 2022

Things I'd wish I'd known about engaging in dieting ...

At first dieting can seem really appealing, the answer to your body dissatisfaction, giving you confidence and excitement, something to look forward to in your life, a purpose for your days even...

But there's a dark side to dieting that can happen with long-term dieting behavior and mentality.

You may not experience these on your first diet, or even second, but they often manifest over time. You will often experience these four symptoms both from being exposed to diet culture and engaging in it:

Body dissatisfaction - This can manifest as body checking (looking at yourself in the mirror, looking at your reflection, judging your body, assessing your body)

Binge & overeating episodes - Eating the whole pizza AND that pan of brownies. Feeling out of control around certain foods.

Feeling obsessed with food - Thinking about food alllll the time.

Missing food - Feeling like you are really missing out on your favorite foods yet also feeling like you can't stop thinking about food.

Dieting can also create and worsen anxiety, increase social isolation and inhibit your confidence and courage.

When you are engaged in dieting behaviors, it demands a huge amount of mental and emotional energy, not to mention time.

(Author Christy Harrison calls dieting “the life thief.”) This is why dieting can prevent you from achieving your most important dreams.

What if you took all that time and energy you are devoting to thinking about food, managing your food, implementing food rules and overexercising and you redirected it towards the areas of life that mean the most to you?

What then might be possible for you?