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Overwhelming schedule? 5 things you need to know succeed with your nutrition.

Mar 15, 2022

 Feeling overwhelmed with your schedule and the busyness of your life?

Does it feel impossible to commit to healthier habits like eating balanced meals, cooking at home, moving your body, and having actual time to just REST?

I hear your struggle! 

Which is why I’m sharing five things that will help you be more effective with your health goals while you are living a busy life.

First things first - let’s identify this limiting belief: 

“I’m too busy to make changes right now. I’ll start when things settle down.”

It's very easy to use busyness as an excuse or a reason for why you can't do things in your life.

Look, it's legitimate to have a lot on your plate, but I invite you to take responsibility and own the fact that you CHOSE that busyness

If you have three children who are all in sports and do tons of activities, you chose to have children, you chose to have three of them and you chose to put them in activities. Those are all choices

Don’t fall into victim mindset.

Being at the effect of the circumstances in your life disempowers you.

Sometimes, legitimately, there are things that happen to us in life that we don't have control over.

But I would say the majority of the situations that cause busyness are things that you do have control over.  

Have you ever thought, “I just need to wait until my schedule is less busy before I can commit to my nutrition and body”?

It's a smoke screen. Making changes in life is hard. 

Even positive changes cause resistance!

Because change = uncertainty and uncertainty = fear.

So it's very normal to have some resistance to change which can manifest as the excuse that “I'm just too busy.”

If you do that, don't feel bad about it. You're a normal human!

But let's bring awareness to it.

Making changes with your nutritional habits can feel scary because it can often mean modulating how you use food or alcohol to cope with emotions.

You might be under a false belief that you have to eliminate your favorite foods which feels scary and can lead to “last supper” type of eating before you commit to improving your eating habits.

Remember that it's okay to sometimes use food as a coping mechanism. You just don't want it to be the only tool in your tool belt for dealing with tough emotions in life. 

Here are 5 more tools to help you navigate busyness in life!

1. The first thing: it will really help to have an expert-created strategy and system laid out for you. It's a way that you can outsource your nutrition strategy to somebody. 

When clients come to me, I have done all the research to understand how macronutrients fuel your body and help you lose weight.

So then you just come in and you use a system that I've created. 

2. The second thing - you need to prepare! This is probably the biggest challenge for people who are busy - they don't prepare enough so they’re just trying to stay afloat feeling like they’re drowning.

Do you relate? 

If you were a lawyer, you'd never walk into a courtroom trial unprepared for a trial. If you interview for a job, you would never go into that interview unprepared and expect to be successful. 

But I see a lot of women try to muscle their way through healthier eating, movement and self-care without any plan or preparation.

Girl, you're not gonna win the battle this way. You gotta have a plan to navigate all of the challenges that you are going to encounter on this journey.

The busier you are, the better you need to prepare. 

  •  You need to stock your home with food.
  • Keep a variety of foods on hand - you never know what you might crave!
  • Keep frozen veggies, rice and protein in your freezer for busy weeks to keep food from spoiling.
  • Have foods that you like - an empty, boring cupboard can trigger heading out for a binge.
  • You need to prioritize fueling yourself. 

If you don't make time to feed yourself, prepare meals and take care of that dimension of your life, you will feel the effect of it. It's not bad or wrong. It just has a consequence. 

If you feel overwhelmed in life, you might need to reassess your life and your commitments. A lot of women are just overscheduled

You need to edit your life. Pick what's truly important to you & your family, and align your actions with those values.

Busyness can be a coping mechanism and a distraction. If you feel overwhelmed, you need to slow down even more.

You need to take more time to reflect, to prepare, more time to sit and think through your life, your family's life, what your goals are and the direction you're heading.

3. The third thing - you need to outsource, you need to learn how to outsource and delegate. 

  • Outsource your workouts to an app (I love Peloton!)
  • Outsource some of your meal prep - use the freezer section!
  • Outsource grocery delivery!

If you're already stressed, you need to outsource more. 

Your assignment – find ONE thing to outsource this week.

4. Number four - you need on-the-go solutions. If you're busy, you're gonna be in your car, between meetings, social events.

So you need to discover on the go solutions. You need quick snacks that travel well. You need to know what you can order at the coffee shop or the drive through that's going to be aligned with your goals

5. You need to learn to give up perfectionism. Consistency is more important than perfection. Look, you won't be perfect. Even if your schedule is finally “controlled” and “perfect”, you're still not going to be perfect. I once had a client who was a teacher.

She decided that summertime was the "perfect" time to commit to her nutrition because she had all the time in the world. Guess what - she still struggled to change her habits despite her open schedule.

The circumstances being a certain way won’t create change, your commitment to your goals will.

You need to let go of this belief that perfection leads to results or that perfection is a desirable state. I think perfection is actually an undesirable state. I avoid perfect in my life.

I strive for excellence in my life, but I do not believe perfection is healthy.

You're gonna have off days. But the most important thing is that you keep showing up for yourself with your goals. 

If you implement these five techniques, you're gonna become a more effective woman in every area of your life. 

Can you imagine if you applied all five of these principles just to your life in general? You're going to transform! 

  • You'll become more organized and higher performance.
  • You’ll have greater peace mind.
  • You will feel more supported and relaxed.
  • You will feel more confident, traveling and dining out and navigating social situations.
  • And you will ultimately develop more grit in your life by sticking with things. 

I hope today empowered you.

My goal is always to empower you - in the area of health, but not just your physical health but also in your mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health, because ultimately that's what really creates an integrated woman who can live a more fulfilling, peaceful and joy-filled life.