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Exhausted & burnt out? 5 secrets to eating healthy when you're tired.

Mar 24, 2022

Struggling with exhaustion, fatigue or burnout? It's a common experience for many women in our world today.

When you’re fatigued, it’s easy to think, “I’m just too busy to eat healthy.”

It feels like another task on your ever-increasing to-do list.

Ever felt overwhelmed by the following messages?

  • Only eat organic or you're gonna get cancer
  • Make all your food from scratch
  • Never go through the drive-through or eat fast food

All of a sudden you're feeling overwhelmed and defeated before you've even tried to eat healthier.

You need a mindset reboot!

Let’s back up … before focusing on the DOING of eating healthier, let’s focus on the BEING.

Starting from a place of shifting your being will make you much more likely to succeed at the “doings”. 

There are three areas to focus on:

1. You need to be a better planner. Planning does not mean some rigid, meticulous meal plan where you've prepped everything into little containers six days in advance. (HARD PASS on 5 day old overnight oats.)

You need to actively look into the future of your life. Two days from now, a week out, a month, a year… Take five minutes out of your day and just think through the future. Stop flying by the seat of your pants and loving chaos. Become a woman who intentionally plans. 

2. You need to become strategic. You need to think about the game that you are trying to win. What's the strategy you're going to use to win that game? Because if you don’t experience winning you are more likely to quit.

It's much more fun to play at games where you experience winning, but champions always experience loss. If you're playing enough in life, if you're on the court and in the arena, you are going to experience failure. But if you’re someone who is strategic, you will not be defeated by your losses. You will not be taken out of the game. You will say, “What do I need to do to win this game next time?” Be a woman who constantly shows up for herself. You need to understand the woman that you are and rig the game in her favor.

  • If you struggle to work out in the afternoon, schedule it first thing in the morning.
  • If you struggle to eat veggies, experiment with cooking methods until you find your favorite.
  • If you struggle to get out for walks, schedule a friend date to walk.

3. You need to harness your creativity. You are already someone who has success in your life, career, relationships and finances. Now you just need to creatively apply those success skills to your eating. 

Let’s dive into 5 concrete tools to help you:

1. Be a prepper! (I’d keep peanut butter and baked beans in my doomsday pantry, what about you?) But seriously, be a woman who thinks through her week and plans for it. 

No rigid meal plans. No obsessive meal prep. 

Yes to flexible options. Yes to keeping the pantry, fridge and freezer stocked with a variety of protein, carb and fat sources. Yes to enjoyable snack options. (Hello pretzel chips and cottage cheese.) 

Cut a pound of salmon into 4 pieces (or have the fishmonger, yes that’s what he’s called, do it) and freeze individual pieces in baggies. Think about packing food ahead of time.

Can you make a sandwich the night before? Can you hard boil some eggs to throw in your lunch? Cook a dinner like lasagna or enchiladas and bring leftovers to work.

2. Always have fast options on hand. I call this the Five Minute Microwave Method. Always keep items in your freezer that you can throw together to make a meal in less than five minutes. For example, frozen turkey meatballs from Trader Joe's, frozen rice and some veggies. Scramble some eggs & toast some bread, boom, five minute meal. Make salmon in your air fryer, nine minutes at 375. Throw some sea salt on it, skin side down and you will have gourmet salmon. The air fryer is a great tool if you are a busy woman. 

3. Know where and what you can grab at the drive through. Has wellness culture shamed you into thinking that going through the drive through is a catastrophic sin against your body? You’re not alone. Fast food is a part of American culture and something that can be part of a balanced diet. I love Chick-fil-A fried chicken sandwiches and diet lemonades. I skip the fries because they’re not my fave. Pick what you actually like. Savor it. Feel your fullness.

Your assignment is to brainstorm three items that you can get from fast food near you in a pinch. That could be Starbucks, In ‘n Out, Chipotle. Just think through your options. 

4. Use your weekends to plan. If you feel like you have no time to eat healthy, check your weekend plans. Many women are overscheduled 7 days a week. If you actually use your weekends to schedule some grocery delivery, create a simple meal plan for the week and cook a few items, you’ll feel way ahead. Boil some chicken, shred it and use it for rice bowls, chicken salad sandwiches, salads and tacos. Just bring a pot of water to a boil, throw in your chicken breasts, cook 'em for 22 minutes, drain, let the chicken cool, then shred and rough chop it.

5. Make your dinners fast and easy. If you are coming home wiped & exhausted from your day, and finding it harder to make food choices that are aligned with your goals, can you set up a crock pot to simmer all day while you're at work? Stock your freezer with some healthy frozen meals? Leftovers? 

When you implement these changes in your life, you'll experience greater peace of mind, performance, vitality and energy in your body. Remember under-eating and under-fueling is a major source of fatigue and anxiety in women. 

A lot of women don't realize that excessive dieting behaviors, under-eating or restriction, can actually create a lot of mental health issues in the form of anxiety and sleep issues. 

I invite you to make sure that you're prioritizing fueling and nourishing your body well because that will energize you for your day.

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